About Me

About Me

I am an alum of the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), where I studied Interdisciplinary Physics with a Concentration in Computer Science. I graduated in the spring of 2017.

My main software interests include data handling, large systems, and in general, backend work, though I have dabbled in web design and frontend work. Other things I've done include automation, robotics, and simple circuit work. I am also very interested in Network Security, but have little to show for it yet.

I am currently employed in Berlin, as a Backend Software Engineer for Envio Systems.

Past Positions:

I worked at DocNetwork.org as a (mainly) backend developer from July 2017 to the end of January, 2019
My main accomplishments included:

I was employed at Apple, Inc as a software development intern from January, 2015 until the end of September, 2016 where I worked on automated hardware performance testing and related systems. Due to Apple's requirements, I have no open source or public work during this time. However, I learned a great deal about real world software engineering and teams and am far better for it. After my employment at Apple ended (so I could focus on my classwork), I have started working on public projects again. See my projects page for some examples and stay tuned for more.

If you'd like to contact me or procure a résumé, please use the information in any of the external sites above to do so.

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